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What is Lymphoedema


Lymphoedema is a type of swelling in the body’s tissues which commonly affects body parts such as arms and legs. It has different causes but it usually develops when there has been damage to the lymphatic system such as after breat cancer surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. When the lymphatic system can not effectively transport the amount of lymph fluid in our body, the result can be swelling in the arms/legs/face/neck or genitals as well as skin changes and sometimes lymph fluid leaking from the skin.

Lymphoedema is a chronic and complex condition which can worsen if notmanaged properly, as well as lead to other health conditions. Early detection and the correct treatment are the best options for reducing the severity of symptoms associated with this chronic condition.

How can our therapists help assess and treat lymphedema

At Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre we have 2 fully trained an accredited Lymphoedema practitioners. Both Karen and Matthew are trained in lymphoedema assessment and management and are both members of the Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA) and are both registered practitioners with the National Lymphoedema Practitioners Regulation (NLPR). They are both able to provide the following services for anyone whom thinks they may have, or whom has been diagnosed with, lymphoedema:

  • Assessment and diagnosis
  • Early intervention, advice and management to reduce the development of lymphoedema following surgeries
  • All aspects of Complex Lymphatic Therapy to help reduce limb, head, trunk and genital swelling: manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging, individualised exercise prescription and skin health
  • Prescription of compression garments to help maintain limb size and reduced increasing swelling. We measure for, and fit, both ready to wear as well as custom made lymphoedema garments

Our treatments for Lymphoedema aim to reduce and control the severity of lymphoedematous swelling, improve mobility and functional capacity, help you to stay active and have the ability to do the things which you love to do. Sport, work, family time and overall improvement in quality of life.
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Our fully trained team are able to assess your swelling and help determine the most appropriate strategy for you. These strategies include:
  • Manual lymphatic drainage or lymphatic massage to help stimulate lymphatic flow & reduce swelling.

  • Compression therapy to reduce & maintain the amount of swelling. This may be in the form of applied compression bandaging, compression stockings/garments or compression wraps.

  • Exercises to help stimulate lymphatic drainage & maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system. This may also include hydrotherapy which is an excellent form of exercise to stimulate the lymphatic system.

  • Recommendations regarding skin care as skin conditions such as cellulitis can be common with lymphoedema.
Karen and Matthew are also accredited Lymphoedema practitioners with the National Lymphoedema Practitioners Register and our massage therapist is accredited with the Australian Association of Massage Therapy. These registrations ensure that you will receive regulated and safe treatments from your therapists. We are Goulburn’s longest established physiotherapy clinic, locally owned for over 35 years. We have also provided services to Crookwell for 7 years.
  • Lymphatic massage/drainage
  • Compression bandaging
  • Prescription of compression garments
  • Prescription of customised self-manual drainage
  • Exercise programs
We are also proud to have been recognised for the work we do. We are honoured to have received these awards:
  • Excellence in customer service (2019)
  • Winner employer of choice (2016)
  • Finalist for small business of the year (2016)
Get in touch with us today to see what’s the best treatment for you.
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National Lymphoedema Practitioners Register (NLPR)


Our practitioners are registered with the National Lymphoedema Practitioners Register (NLPR) which means that they are ALA Accredited Practitioners, having completed a recognised health qualification and training course in lymphoedema management. To be admitted and remain on the register, practitioners must fulfill continuing education and professional indemnity insurance requirements. All ALA Accredited Practitioners are eligible to appear on the NLPR which is the only recognised public register of lymphoedema practitioners in Australia and New Zealand.

Unfortunately, permanent damage to the lymphatic system cannot be cured or repaired. That’s why it is important to seek a professional’s help once you experience the symptoms mentioned above. Lymphoedema gradually starts and developes in stages, from mild to severe. With appropriate therapy, it can be reduced and managed.

Talk to us today if you need a qualified lymphoedema therapist to assess or treat you.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Bullet point What are the stages of lymphoedema?
Early warning signs of lymphoedema can be intermittent and may include:

  • Intermittent swelling of a limb or other region of the body after surgery
  • Infection (cellulitis) is often the first sign of a problem
  • Feelings of aching, heaviness, stiffness in the affected body part
  • Limitation of movement
  • Tightness or temperature changes to areas of the body. Clothing, jewellery or shoes may feel tighter
  • Swelling may be aggravated by heat, overuse, sustained positions and prolonged inactivity and more obvious at the end of the day
  • Permanent swelling of more than 3 months (pitting in early stages)
  • Usually asymmetrical, especially when affecting the upper limb. ie: one arm will look bigger than the other.