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Welcome to Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre

At Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre, your successful recovery is our mission

We ensure that your treatment, from acute injury management through to rehabilitation, is supported by the latest clinical evidence, incorporates the use of the most up to date hands on therapy and clinical technology and is delivered by a caring team of physiotherapists, a massage therapist and wonderful support staff.

We appreciate that you have several choices when choosing a local physiotherapist.

When you come to see us, our time is spent with YOU. We will discuss YOUR health concerns and provide you with an individualised treatment to help manage your pain, assist your recovery and optimise your health.

Your treatment will take place in our purpose built clinic with rooms designed to maintain your privacy, an onsite gym to assist you in your recovery as well as access to a hydrotherapy pool.

Everything you need to complete your treatment can be provided by our caring and professional team.

We know that in our busy lives, finding the time for treatment can be hard. So we have extended opening hours during the week, so that you can have the option of before or after work appointments, as well as lunch time and day time appointments.

We also understand that there are times when you may injure yourself unexpectedly and that’s why we offer SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS if you call us before 9am.

There is no need to see a Doctor before you see us (unless you are under a compensation scheme) so you can save time and money by using us as a first point of contact for injury and pain management.

We know how important access to health services is and that is why we are conveniently located in the CBD, we have ample car parking and ramped access at the rear and we also provide a clinic in Crookwell 1 day per week.


Our Physiotherapists are university trained health professionals and we can help you manage many common conditions, muscle pain and joint stiffness, including:

  • Sporting injuries (ACL and knee injuries, shoulder injuries, ankle sprains etc)
  • Spinal and joint pain and injuries (osteoarthritis, whiplash, dislocations etc)
  • Headaches
  • Soft tissue injuries (muscle tears, tennis and golfers elbow, wrist and thumb sprains etc)
  • Women’s and men’s incontinence
  • Lymphoedema (manual lympatic drainage, bandaging, compression garment prescription)
  • Children’s developmental conditions and disabilities (delayed development, in-turned feet, flat heads and tights necks in infants, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome etc)
  • Feet problems (plantar fasciitis, bunions, flat arches etc)
  • Chronic pain (fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis etc)


We also provide extensive therapy and rehabilitation for:

  • Stroke recovery
  • Traumatic and acquired brain injury
  • Pre and post-operative care (joint replacements, spinal surgery, fracture management etc)
  • Ante-natal care and post-natal recovery (pelvic girdle pain, sciatica, back pain, abdominal separation, pelvic floor weakness etc)
  • Degenerative muscular conditions (Motor Neuron Disease, Parkinsons, MS etc)


We know that our elderly population have very specific health needs and concerns, which is why we are specifically trained to help with the management of:

  • Moblity (maintenance, management and walking aid/device prescription)
  • Swelling (in legs and ankles)
  • Falls prevention (at home or in an aged care facility)
  • Hip fracture prevention and management
  • Program designing for families caring for elderly family members at home (manual handling advice and assistive device prescription and exercises)


Our physiotherapists are also trained and experienced in fracture management, including cast removal as well as post cast treatment for joint stiffness, muscle weakness and functional recovery.



We do not warrant or represent that the information in this site is free from errors or omissions or is suitable for your intended use. We recommend that you seek individual advice before acting on any information in this site. We have made every effort to ensure that the information on our website is correct at the time of publication but recommend that you exercise your own skill and care with respect to its use. If you wish to purchase our services, please do not rely solely on the information in this website.

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