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Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre offers a number of taping services including acute injury treatment, sports injury management and pre-game strapping as well as for chronic pain management and postural correction.​

Various forms of taping can be used for a number of different therapeutic and performance purposes.​ Rigid or elastic strapping tape can be used by our physiotherapists to:​

  • stabilise and support an injured or unstable joint​
  • reduce pain by deloading painful structures​
  • improve athlete confidence​
  • decrease acute injury risk​
  • reduce recurrence of chronic injuries​


​Kinesiology tape (eg Rocktape) is a form of elastic tape that is less restrictive than traditional sports tape, and has a number of different therapeutic uses, including:​

  • providing dynamic support without restricting movement​
  • joint and muscular proprioception retraining​
  • postural correction​
  • reduction of swelling and inflammation​
  • pain relief via decompression of painful structures​


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