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Karen Waters

Principal Physiotherapist/Owner

  • B.App.Sc (PTHY)
  • APA Member
  • Workcover Acredited
  • DVA
  • Registered Lymphoedema Practitioner with NLPR

Hi, I’m Karen Waters. The principal therapist and owner of Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre.

I’ve worked locally as a physiotherapist for 16 years and I absolutely love my job and the positive results which I help to achieve in people’s health and well-being and largely, in their lives.

Empathy, care and compassion along with excellent communication skills; supported by extensive clinical skills and experience are the key to achieving good outcomes for my clients.

My areas of clinical interest and extensive experience are lymphoedema (as well as general swelling) management as well as women’s health management including incontinence, ante and post natal muscular complications and pelvic girdle pain. I also treat incontinence in men as well as provide consultation for children (and their parents) with longer than expected issues of day and night time wetting and soiling.

Assessment and treatment for vertigo, particularly due to benign disturbances of the vestibular system, as well as vestibular rehabilitation are also a part of my clinical skill set.

I also assess and treat temporomandibular dysfunction (primarily jaw pain, locking and clicking) and I assess for and fit orthotics as an integral part of lower limb biomechanical alignment, joint and lower back pain management.

Despite my specific areas of special interest and clinical training, I still see and treat plenty of work and sport related injuries as well as general soft tissue overload problems. Pain management and assisting people to return to their optimal physical capacity is a core part of my role as a physiotherapist.

I believe in maintaining excellent communication with each of my client’s treating GP’s and specialists as this helps all health care providers to work together to provide the best outcomes for our “shared” clients.

I am a strong advocate of promoting local health care and service availability for our community and look forward to assisting you in optimising your patient’s health and wellbeing.


Matthew Austen


  • B.Sci (PHYS), M.PTHY
  • APA Member
  • Workcover Acredited
  • DVA

Hi, I’m Matt Austen.

I've been working as a physiotherapist at Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre since 2015. Over that time I've enjoyed my helping clients manage their pain, recover and return to their optimal functional capacity; whether their problem is musculoskeletal, neurological or respiratory in nature. I am trained in the assessment and management of Lymphoedema as well as provide treatment for temporomandibular dysfunction (specifically jaw pain, locking or clicking). I am able to assess for, and fit, orthotics to help in the management of lower limb biomechanical problems, joint and back pain. I also use trigger point dry needling extensively in my treatment regime for pain management.

I believe a patient-centred assessment is the key to providing a holistic management. I also believe that it's important to help patients understand the nature of their symptoms and what the most appropriate treatment strategy for them is. I utilise a diverse range of treatment strategies to allow patients to ultimately take control of their condition and recover. I look forward to assisting your patients on referral and am more than happy to discuss their treatment at any time.


Cameron Lawson


  • B.Physio
  • APA Member
  • Workcover Acredited
  • DVA

I’m Cameron Lawson. I am a local born and bred lad, a Physiotherapist and I have been a member of the Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre team for 2 years now. Whilst continuing to pursue my passion as working as a Physiotherapist, I enjoy being able to help my clients improve their quality of life by promoting movement, managing pain and assisting in injury/surgery recovery.

Throughout my time as a physiotherapist I have developed extensive clinical skills in the areas of tendon injury and pain management, lower back pain management, headaches and neck pain management as well as hydrotherapy.

In addition to my manual physiotherapy skills, I am trained in the use of trigger point dry needling as well as orthotic assessment and fitting. Two treatment  modalities which assist me vastly in the successful management of my client’s pain and dysfunction. I also utilise a strong knowledge of weights and resistance based exercise to assist my client’s with their injury/surgical rehabilitation.

I believe that an in-depth and client centred assessment is essential to help provide the best outcomes for each of my clients and this is achieved through the use of excellent communication skills as well as an empathetic and caring approach to each client. Referring to my client’s GP’s and specialists regularly helps to maintain a holistic, client-centred approach to care and I look forward to helping you achieve the best possible health care to each of our mutual clients.


Tim Moule


  • B.Hlth.Sci, M.PTHY
  • APA Member
  • Workcover Acredited
  • DVA

Hello, I’m Tim Moule.

Since moving to Goulburn in 2014, I’ve been a proud member of the team at Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre, where I have relished the opportunity to guide my patients to achieve successful outcomes. I strive to provide useful information to educate my patients in order to achieve patient-centred goals optimally through self-management. I believe the empowerment that a patient can gain through sound education is an essential tool in their successful management, which is applicable across the board whether they might present for an acute sporting injury or with chronic pain conditions, for example.

The beauty of the Physiotherapy profession is that there will always be new information to guide our best practice. Developments in the area of pain sciences sit at the forefront of my interest, using acquired skills such as trigger point dry needling to manage complex long-term conditions.

I feel confident treating a wide range of patients strengthened by further education in the assessment and fitting of orthotics for lower limb biomechanical complaints, lumbar spine and sacro-illiac joint dysfunction and best practice around upper and lower limb joint surgery.

My special areas of interest include hands therapy – specifically splinting, as well as men’s health physiotherapy – specifically management of pre and post radical prostatectomy.

Personally, I am an avid foodie – a passion that I was extremely lucky to indulge as my wife and I travelled the world for 10 months last year, exploring many unique and interested eats and experiences. I have recently decided to hang up the rugby boots after a nasty injury in 2017, which left me with complete fractures of tibia and fibula, requiring surgery and a lovely new piece of hardware. I continue to love playing touch football and look forward to the challenge of the golf course!

One thing that stands out about Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre is a commitment to supporting the local community’s needs. We constantly strive to provide the best evidence-based Physiotherapy management for a wide range of conditions. With excellent services at our fingertips including hydrotherapy, state of the art deep spinal stabiliser rehabilitation technology and an outreach service to Crookwell, to name a few, the team of professionals at Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre is able to help your patients achieve their goals.

Tristyn Joyce


  • B.Physio
  • APA Member
  • Workcover Acredited
  • DVA

I decided to pursue physio in 2011 after I sustained an injury requiring surgery and rehabilitation. I received exceptional care from my Physio, whom showed compassion and advanced clinical skills which they used to rehabilitate me far beyond my expectations.

I now strive to deliver the same level of care, compassion and exceptional clinical skills and treatment options to all of my clients. I started with Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre in August 2017. I work as part of the team to assess and treat all forms of back pain, musculoskeletal pain, soft tissue injuries, neck pain, vertigo, sports injuries, chronic pain, headaches, neurological conditions (Parkinson’s disease, Spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy) among many other presentations.

The assessment and treatment which I provide to each and every one of my clients are aimed at identifying both functional impairment as well as the impact that the impairment and/or pain has on their occupation/daily living. I then use a number of modalities in treatment of my clients which include: trigger point dry needling, assessment and fitting of orthotics, kinesiology and sports taping, exercise therapy, spinal and peripheral joint mobilisations and manipulations and soft tissue release.


Melissa Roald


  • B.Physio
  • APA Member
  • Workcover Acredited
  • DVA

I have had the pleasure of working at Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre for my graduate year, where I have further developed my clinical reasoning and manual skills to reduce pain, improve function and achieve special client centred goals.

I am excited to continue my learning through 2019 to allow for holistic and optimal care for all different client bases - including musculoskeletal, neurological, NDIS and geriatric. I have also completed some basic training in the women's health field and am keen to further my knowledge and experiences in this area.

Within the clinic the main forms of treatment modalities I utilise are soft tissue release, taping, muscle energy techniques, joint mobilisations and exercise prescription - including Get Back (Spinal rehabilitation devices) and hydrotherapy.

I look forward to providing optimal, patient centre care for all our mutual clients.


Cobie Sheehan


  • B.Hlth.Sci, M.PTHY
  • APA Member
  • Workcover Acredited
  • DVA

Hi, I'm Cobie Sheehan.

​I've just commenced my second year at Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre, after graduating from the University of Western Sydney in 2017. I have recently moved to the area from the Southern Highlands and am really enjoying getting to know the great people in the Goulburn community.​

As a recent graduate, I've embraced the opportunity to assess and treat a wide range of health concerns ranging from sports injuries, women's health concerns, chronic pain management and neurological rehabilitation. I have a particular interest in utilising exercise based therapies to assist in managing people's pain, improving daily function and sporting performance as well as promoting independence and long term management of health.

I am specially trained in the use of the Get Back program which is an exciting new technology we offer at the clinic to help reduce recurrent spinal pain and associated movement dysfunction; using medical grade spinal strengthening devices to isolate and strengthen the deep stabilising muscles of the spine.​

Holistic care is such an important component of health management and I believe in regular, effective communication amongst my fellow health care providers in the local community in order to achieve the best possible health outcomes for our clients.


Laura Snell

Massage Therapist

Hi, I’m Laura Nell and I am into my 5th year now working at Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre as a Remedial Massage Therapist. I am qualified to provide, in addition to massage, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Lymphatic massage and Personal Training services. I have found that these modalities complement each other very well in treating a wide variety of my clients needs, including the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, muscular tension and headache relief through trigger point release and lengthening of muscles, strengthening and conditioning the whole body, improving posture, weight loss, and positively effecting overall wellbeing.

In addition to the manual hands-on treatments, giving support to your everyday comfort and continuing quality of life through appropriate advice on simple postural corrections, stretching exercises and strengthening muscle groups is another of my skills.

Over the 8-year span of my career in allied health, I have found one of the most rewarding aspects isn’t just the positive changes and outcomes achievable, but getting to meet and know some of the incredible people we have in our community who otherwise I would likely never have had the opportunity to meet or get to know.


Felicity Middleton

My name is Felicity Middleton and I am the new member of the Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre team having recently moved to the area. Having completed my Bachelor of Physiotherapy 15 years ago (a little longer than I would like to admit) means I have had the chance to develop extensive clinical reasoning skills in assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. These clinical reasoning skills were further honed during the completion of my Masters in Sports Physiotherapy in 2010.

I have been lucky enough to work with elite and professional sport in both Australia and the United Kingdom. This has given me fantastic opportunities and exposure as well as the chance to work with a vast number of highly regarded Surgeons/Sports Doctors and Physiotheraists. The knowledge and experience I gained from these clinicians has enhanced my understanding  of musculoskeletal conditions and physiotherapy treatment options. I believe one of my assets from my time in sport is team work and communication and using these to effectively goal set with clients. Once my client’s goals are decided, I have the ability to tailor their treatment/rehabilitation outcomes to these goals; regardless of whether it is a national competition or being able to complete the weekly shopping. I find restoring clients to their optimal function a highly rewarding part of physiotherapy.

Working with kicking sports over the years, I developed a strong interest in understanding the sporting hip/groin which lead to the need to understand load monitoring and injury prevention. I feel these skills also translate well to the general population when assisting in return to function and further injury prevention whether that be in the work place or sporting field.

I look forward to hopefully meeting you in person, in the not to distant future, as well as assisting you in managing your client’s sporting injuries and related surgeries.


Admin staff

Corrine McElligott

Office Manager


Jessica Staples




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