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Get Back: spinal strengthening program

Get Back is a spinal strengthening program designed to provide correct rehabilitation and long-term prevention of chronic low back and neck pain, thus improving quality of life through increased function and reduced pain.

The goals of the Get Back program are achieved by isolating and strengthening the deep stabilising musculature of the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine in a specific, safe and progressive manner – thus breaking the deconditioning cycle which happens in response to pain.

The program involves the use of medical grade strengthening devices which have been included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. Acceptance for this registration ensures that these medical devices have been shown to adhere to strict standards of production, risk analysis, safety of performance, validity and reliability of functioning. 

How can Get Back help you?

  • Short and long term neck, back and spinal pain reduction
  • Prevention and/or reduction of spinal pain recurrence
  • Improved spinal mobility and functional capacity
  • Improved ability to attend to every day activities, sports, leisure and work activities


Evidence shows that there should be an expected improvement of approximately 30% in terms of improved strength and reduced  pain levels within 12 sessions using Get Back Spinal Rehabilitation. Also, that clients whom continue the program and reach the normative data goals for strength and range of motion are much more likely to maintain their strength and functional capacity improvements following  program completion as well as being less likely to experience persistent pain or further episodes of acute pain. 

If you have back or neck pain do not hesitate to book a FREE EVALUATION  to gain more information and discuss with your Physiotherapist if the Get Back program is suitable for you are your specific needs and goals.


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