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Physiotherapy Fees

Our fees are the same for both our Goulburn and Crookwell Clinics. 

Our fee structure will vary depending on what type of problem you are presenting with, how many areas of concern you would like to discuss with, and have treated by, your therapist and how long an appointment time you request/require.

When enquiring about our fees, you will be asked a few simple, non-invasive questions by our reception staff to determine which appointment type you require, as well as which therapist is best suited to assessing you and helping to resolve your problem.

If you are booking and appointment for 2 or more areas of concern (such as your ankle and your back) please let our receptionists know as this will require a longer than normal appointment in the initial consultation to allow the therapist to spend time with you discussing and assessing both areas of concern. A shorter follow up appointment may be made with you following the first consultation.

Both our Goulburn and Crookwell clinics have eftpos and hicaps facilities. You can claim on the spot with your private health insurance for Physiotherapy with all health funds and for massage therapy with some health funds.

All of our Physiotherapists are registered with the HCF more for muscles program, thus enabling HCF members access to additional benefits depending on the body area treated. Please check with HCF for additional information.





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