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Cancellation Policy

At Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre we aim to provide a professional service at a time that is most suitable to you. We also aim to have same day appointments available for urgent enquiries and all other appointments available within 1 week of your enquiry.

Unfortunately, we are experiencing a large number of last minute cancellations and clients not attending their allocated appointment times.

So that we can continue to provide a timely service, Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre is implementing a CANCELLATION AND FAILURE TO ATTEND POLICY.This will apply if:

  • You cancel your allocated appointment time with less than 2 hour’s notice
  • You fail to attend your allocated appointment time

In these cases, payment of your full Consultation Fee will apply.

This is applicable to all clients- Private, Worker’s Compensation and Enhanced Primary Care Clients will be required to pay the FULL COST OF THE SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT THEMSELVES.

If we receive advance notice that you are unable to attend, other people who may require an urgent appointment with a therapist may be able to be seen in your time slot.

Please be considerate of other people who may be requiring an appointment and are unable to get in with a therapist in a timely manner or at a time that suits them.

We greatly appreciate your support and understanding of our new policy and value our questions should you have any.

Karen Waters
Principal Physiotherapist


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